Under the current economic pressure,cities are no longer able to develop the way they used to, especially in the regeneration of unused industrial areas, which have become increasingly in demand due to lack of housing and infrastructure. Although nearby, they represent disconnected areas from the city centers.  From an environmental perspective, large amounts of infrastructure and many buildings, which could have been adopted and reused, have been destroyed. The destruction of heritage and memory, the environmental cost of willful demolition and the scale, speed of erection and brutality of the new are most of the time too much for communities to absorb.

The project contains the development of sustainable neighborhood, providing accommodation for 20 families and essential services to assure an effective live-work scheme, plus the vision of regeneration of larger area where this neighborhood is placed, in which infrastructure, offices, leisure and recreation are conceived to reutilise existing buildings and to provide an effective integration to the city. All this, with a view to explore a new paradigm of sustainable post-industrial regeneration.

Welcome to Nottingham Green Fields!