Greenwich Tower

New York's sustainable multi purpose tower

LOCATION. new york city, usa

GROSS FLOOR AREA. 140 000sqm

YEAR. 2011

AWARD. ISOVER multi comfort house award – 2nd place

With millions of square meters of LEED-certified development in the New York City plus excellent walk-ability and superior transit access, Lower Manhattan already pursues strong green ambitions.  The density, diversity of use, and significant development potential in Greenwich South offer a rare opportunity to experiment with sustainability solutions on a district-wide scale.  With a fresh outlook, Greenwich South can be the final piece of the puzzle, the linchpin of an exciting, sustainable, and successful Downtown. The aim was to design a multiple use tower with passive house components and to make the most of the area’s micro-climate geology and location.  A unique approach was used – one where building and landscape are not discernible as individual elements. With all this in mind, the tower achieved the building physics performance of a passive house.  The design enabled usage of entirely passive means of lighting and ventilation in almost the entire building. I am happy to introduce the Greenwich Tower.